15 May 2011

Fair Katherine, and Most Fair

For Natasha Piletich
(Henry V, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival - 2002)

Beauty steps to the stage from the twilight
Of a sultry Hudson Valley evening.
I am bewitched; enchanted by a sight
Rivaling bright Polaris' gleaming;
She speaks, and magic drips from her tongue.
Her French, a Siren song, perfect in my ear,
Charms my soul, and steals the breath from my lungs
While I hang on each word. I long to hear
More, but I know this vision cannot last
Beyond these brief hours – all plays must end.
Though in my memory I will hold fast,
And commend her art with unable pen.
Such thespian Grace has exposed a fool
Who struggles with rhyme to praise a jewel.

09 May 2011

Regret Drifts in the Afterglow of Dreams

For "Her."

Regret drifts in the afterglow of dreams
About you. It lingers like mist and wraps
Me slowly in bonds of spectral moonbeams
Which shroud my thoughts as defenses collapse;
The visions, once kaleidoscopic – now
Faded and yellow as old newspaper –
Distress my sleep with memories of vows
Shattered upon an indifferent altar;
Too oft' I wake and struggle with the foe
Inside my mind. And, while I seek a way
To expel your ghost, one thought still echoes:
I’ll remember you for another day.
I fear only death can bring lasting peace,
For 'til it comes my love will never cease.