18 December 2018

Sentinels in Blue

By Bud Koenemund

People dismiss us as inconvenient –
Obstacles to work, school, or vacation.
Sentinels in blue; control they resent –
Even while enjoying our protection.
Often, we are targets of ridicule;
Enduring contempt and indifference.
Cursed by the self-entitled for our rules;
Silent as others vent their annoyance.
Still, a few accept this challenge: standing
Firm ‘gainst those who’d see America bowed.
Our mission is the price freedom demands:
A sacrifice many will never know.
   Each day, we rise, making liberty sure;
   Pledging to keep this, our Homeland, secure.

09 March 2018

It Comes at Night

By Bud Koenemund

It comes at night, when I am defenseless.
Black and amorphous, lurking beyond sight;
Yet crushing: enveloping the senses
In fear. Doubt paralyzes, inviting
A surrender I would willingly give.
This unnamed dread – spirit malicious –
Abuses intellect, holding captive
Reason as my own mind becomes seditious;
Left vulnerable to shadows and ghosts –
Specters of depression which mock defeats,
Real or imagined, while I suffer; lost
As thoughts betray: embracing light’s retreat.
   Despair creeps, growing stronger in this gloom,
   Enticing me ever closer to doom.