17 September 2017


By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

You ask why I will not respond to calls;
Leaving communication neglected;
Letting silence greet appeals, as love falls
Discontented, and spirit’s infected?
Your indifference pierced my heart countless times.
Though, I confess, I granted admittance
To thy blade; an accomplice in these crimes;
Guilty, somehow, for want of resistance.
Still, you endure as muse: a soul’s agony –
Equal parts torment and inspiration –
Your face lingering in memory;
Ecstasy through pain: my devil’s bargain.
   Affection withered afflicted by lies;
   Yet, feigning ignorance, you ask me why?

22 June 2017

Seduction by Art

By Bud Koenemund

For Lindsay

My ambition is seduction by art;
Tempting with lyrics that dance across skin,
As poetry speaks love from tongue to heart;
Stirring desire which blesses such sin.
Your form fires the imagination,
Shaping rhyme; verses take life in those eyes,
And a gloved hand could cause an eruption:
Expressions of fervor for one enskied.
I pray these words will arouse ecstasy –
Undressing body and mind; illicit
Acts to satiate lust: a melody
Of moans unifying flesh with spirit.
   My passion grows beyond concupiscence;
   An oath I trust will excuse this offense.

19 May 2017


By Bud Koenemund

I fear my mind will never be at peace.
Denied solace – some rest to cast aside
Burdens – I stalk the unrelenting beast
Within, while pain breeds thoughts unsanctified
By reason. Truth becomes ethereal –
For even intellect strains sanity –
When reality seems a betrayal
Of being as I bear life’s misery;
An indifference leaving the soul hollow.
Time possesses no power to assuage
Those malignant fiends who lurk in shadow,
Sowing madness which intensifies rage.
   This maelstrom’s fury has obscured the light,
   Shrouding spirit in an abyss of night.