06 November 2015

What Sweeter Song

By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

How oft’ have I sworn my heart free of thy
Sway, only to dedicate another
Lyric in praise of hair, skin, nose, or eyes?
Indeed, such passion is hard to smother
When the midnight voice whisp’ring in my ear
Is always yours – a muse won’t be ignored.
Although I have lacked thy presence for years,
Mem’ry sustains the tempest in my core.
Lady, you have birthed ten thousand verses;
Every word a razor’s blade that cuts
While I fight ‘gainst myself – this art versus
Sanity. Obsessed? Admittedly. But,
   What sweeter song could I write than to pen
   Thy name forever, over and again?

05 November 2015

No Good Deed

By Bud Koenemund

For T.

I never kept my attraction secret,
Rather, regard was too often laid bare.
Yet, I gave comfort, asking no credit,
And thy judgment censured a soul who cared.
Your rebuke, undeserv’d, cut deeply –
A jagged edge drawn, and kindness repaid
With crimson rivers – the wounds still seeping
As you reappeared, once more seeking aid.
How should I answer thee? Open my heart
To thy pleas despite these scars I carry;
When what remains is but the worser part
Of me, and better nature lies buried?
   Charity strives ‘gainst a spirit vanquished;
   For no good deed, they say, goes unpunished.