17 June 2016

A Better Sonnet for Christina Alvarado

By Bud Koenemund

There are dangers every poet knows:
The Lake of Goo, and mindfields filled with words
Defective; emotion twisting their prose,
Or adherence to a form which can blur
Function – risking misinterpretation.
Still they muddle, matching rhythm and rhyme
In little songs to show admiration;
Praise courting immortality while time
Demands submission. Although memory
Will fade away, these verses shall endure
Forever – love sans ambiguity;
Bestowed with reverence and intent pure.
   Absent voice, I pen my exaltation:
   To Venus, and Muse, in celebration.

14 June 2016


By Bud Koenemund

For Orlando (12 June 2016)

Did you think violence would bring victory?
That enmity could force change in nature?
Make even one surrender liberty?
Gay, straight, transgender – we’re all God’s creatures!
Every bullet fired; each knife thrust;
Senseless pain inflicted; epithet hurled;
Nose fragmented, rib bruised, or head concussed
Enflames our hearts – the pulse filling this world.
Yes, your venom stole life, but love lives on;
Flourishing; shining through the ignorance
Of hate. And, that kiss which enraged shall bond
Us in celebration of difference.
   Diversity strengthens our unity,
   We will rise together – humanity!