10 January 2014


By Bud Koenemund

Thesaurize: (verb) To think or believe a word means, or is synonymous with, something it does not or is not. Often used when referring to another person in a derogatory manner.

You were too fucking stupid to see you were getting what you want.
I was falling in love with you. – "Her."

I once believed love meant everything;
A yearning beyond real definition;
Passion built on devotion; cherishing
Another soul; becoming a bastion
'Gainst each defeat, and partner in the climb
Toward bliss. I would give all I am to feel
The momentary touch of such sublime
Emotion, offered with joy unconcealed.
But, you have schooled me in affection's new
Meaning: Indifference toward one who adores;
Evasion; leading sanity askew
When you speak of love, while in deed abhor.
   'Tis certain you're right; I'm a man 'twas blind;
   In consequence, my heart betrayed my mind.

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