19 December 2015


By Bud Koenemund

(Note: This sonnet was inspired by a photograph. I have not yet obtained permission to post that. When I do, I will add it.)

For Kristen Brownell

Poets worship beauty between rhymes too
Ethereal – they diminish quickly
When delivered by those praising a muse
On pages stained with verse impolitic.
‘Tis certain heaven abides in the way
A body moves – that holy temptation
Created as breasts jiggle and hips sway –
Enticing mortals to risk damnation.
Though attraction is oft’ obscured by sight –
Passion fueled by the lust for short-lived grace –
Love can flourish between shadow and light,
Binding two forever as souls embrace.
   Not seeing, I find what my eyes neglect
   Hidden in the truth of your silhouette.

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