13 December 2015

You Are Not My Muse

By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

You are not my muse. She is one perfect –
A luminous goddess personified;
Bearer of soul and spirit sans defect,
And beauty I long to immortalize.
The words oft’ spin with Mercurian speed,
While verses roll easily off my tongue;
Her grace worth every drop of ink I bleed
To revere an angel from heaven sprung.
But, that Being is no more than a ghost;
Or perhaps some fantasy existing
Only in my mind; another dream lost
Come daylight, despite the heart’s insisting.
   When love has choked a fool with eloquence,
   Art quickly sputters to incoherence.

1 comment:

  1. I AM your muse! I always have been and I always will be (in one form or another)!
    If you destroy me it is no one's fault but your own!