29 January 2016

She Didn't Love Me the Way I Loved Her

By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

She didn’t love me the way I loved her;
That truth is as simple as it is stark.
Yet, this acceptance can’t spark will censured,
Nor provide solace to my broken heart.
An ecstasy birthed at first sight was marred –
Devotion became steeped in a cauldron
Of pain – tortured by eyes ‘twould shame mere stars.
Deceived, desire led too near those suns,
And as passion soared, sanity melted;
Burned away in fires of apathy.
Still, madness can’t erase the fondness felt
While affection lives on in memory.
   Respect oft’ spoils through indifference,
   But, what’s pure won’t dim to maleficence.

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