06 March 2016

Memories of You Always Begin with a Smile

By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

Memories of you always begin
With a smile; thoughts springing forth to curve
My lips: your laugh; whispers; treason kindled
In the dark; brown eyes; that Clapton song still serves.
For a moment – beautiful, though fleeting –
I see your face, and recall the joy of
First sight; offering my heart, not heeding
The warnings given – a fool blind in love.
Sadly, this pleasure cannot live without
Anguish, and gossamer visions spoil
As what might have been, but never was, routs
These daydreams, leaving affection soiled.
   Remembrance endures, the more torment mine,
   For time has yet to purge you from my mind.

1 comment:

  1. Just because you can't have exactly what you want, doesn't mean that I don't still love you!
    You need to STOP thinking that I was lying! I have NEVER lied about loving you! I have loved you for so much longer than you will ever know! You don't know every single factor involved! Contrary to what you may want, life isn't just black and white! There are so many shades of gray that complicate things so badly!
    You think it's just so simple for me...I know you won't believe me but you have caused such torment for me!
    Think of me what you want, but just know that you don't know what I'm going through and dealing with. You assume that I do things for whatever reason your imagination comes up with! Hopefully one day you might take into consideration the reality that I might be going through!
    Take into consideration that maybe family members close to me might be deathly ill. Maybe that's why I jumped down your throat or jumped to conclusions with you!
    I'm just saying...Maybe you should not jump so quickly to tear me apart so Brutally!
    I have never done ANYTHING to purposely hurt you!
    Lastly, my love for you has ALWAYS been honest, true and purely from my heart! If you choose to think that my love and feelings for you were a lie, then that is on you Sir Knight! That is the lie that you are telling yourself! No longer can you place the blame on me!