23 May 2016

Love: 1998 - 2016 (Part V: Repentance)

By Bud Koenemund

For "Her."

Oh, Lady; I believed, and so oft’ swore
My passion, like the stars, would never cool –
Thy heart held in mine, forever adored.
Alas, love, once more, has proved me a fool.
These words have grown repetitive; complaints
Monotonous – despite intention pure –
And fervor neglected has finally waned,
For you could not be mine as I was yours.
The offense lies tattooed upon my soul –
Indelible, and irredeemable –
As life, it seems, demands a monstrous toll;
Leaving voice censured, and mind unstable.
   I do at last repent that affection;
   Praying some power will grant redemption.

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