17 May 2016

Mediocre White Male Poet Entitlement

By Bud Koenemund

For Shaindel Beers

Peril awaits mediocre white males –
Objection breeds cries of entitlement.
Trapped betwixt love and refusal they flail –
In quicksand, struggle speeds envelopment.
Risk and uncertainty oft’ herald pain;
Attraction devolving in enmity.
Wounded, “nice guys” lash out, although they feign
Indifference, voicing their misery.
Sadly, it appears fantasy is dead,
And life doesn’t end like a fairy tale –
No Beauty transforming this Beast. Instead
Happily ever after remains veiled.
   Words diminish, vanishing in chatter;
   E’en as we protest: all poets matter!

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